Mrs. Wendy Justis (Sabomnim)

Certified/Head Instructor

Mrs. Wendy Justis was born in a small town on the plains of south/east Colorado where she spent the first 12 years of her life. She took TaeKwonDo training for a few years as a child in Colorado, but chose swimming as her sport. She, with her mother and brother, moved to Austin, Texas in June of 1990 to be close to family. She swam for club programs and eventually for McNeil High School. She continued her love of swimming and found her love of teaching as a swim coach for many years. Mrs. Justis is a graduate of Baylor University with a BA with a focus on Child Psychology.

Mrs. Justis married Mr. Rick Justis in 2002 and they have 4 amazing children together. She is a teacher by nature and has homeschooled her 4 children for 5 years and is starting their 6th year this August. Mrs. Justis is a 3rd Degree TaeKwonDo Black Belt and a Certified Instructor. She is the Owner and Head Instructor for Cedar Park TaeKwonDo. Mrs. Justis has studied for almost 6 years under Master Bryan Evans at TaeKwonDo Training Center of Leander. She started TaeKwonDo as something to do with her kids and found that she has a passion for it and soon asked Mr. Justis to join as well.

Mrs. Justis feels TaeKwonDo has helped her to find better health, emotional grounding, a centered spirit, and an all-around positive way to live. She strongly believes in helping everyone find their voice and self-confidence as well as the ability and knowledge to defend themselves and their loved ones.