Be Your Best Self

What do we mean when we say Be Your Best Self?

Your Best Self is fluid, ever changing. Your Best one day may be very different the next day. Sometimes your Best Self is getting up early, getting all of the things done with a great attitude and energy that seems super human. Sometimes your Best Self is as simple as getting up and taking care of your basic needs.

What we strive to help our students and families to see is their potential in every day. That making one decision to be a better version of themselves each day is important. The path in our journey from our worst self to our best is long and does not happen over night. We can only achieve this by making a directed effort to improve every day. We are a work in progress that we hope is never finished. We want our staff, students, and families to always strive for a better self, better dojang, better community, and a better world.

Warrior Pack

Our Warrior Pack program is for children 3-5 years of age. Our primary focus is on learning safe life patterns, for example stranger drills, knowing their own address and the names of their parental figures. We like to keep the learning in a fun, upbeat atmosphere, while still learning discipline and self-control. Our Pack will learn friendship skills as well as the importance of finding their own voice. We expect a lot from our Warrior Pack, but know that they are more than able to rise to the occasion.


Our Junior Program is for ages 6-12. We believe this is a crucial age to gain confidence, mobility, integrity, self-control, and body awareness using the traditional TaeKwonDo training. What our students learn in their classes go far beyond our dojang walls. We see that our students take what they learn about themselves into their home life, school, friendships, and other sports. You do not have to be a naturally gifted athlete to be a martial artist, you just have to have a willingness to learn and respect for those around you as well as for yourself.


Our Teen/Adult Program is for ages 13 and up. This is such a wonderful group to be a part of, with a wide variation in backgrounds as well as age. We learn from each other all of the time having individuals in different stages of life. We incorporate a workout into every class as well as give focus to individual self-defense. Using traditional TaeKwonDo as a full body workout regardless of starting level you will gain strength, mobility, and better overall fitness. Many of our teen/adult students also find their classes to give them a moment of stress relief and calm in a very busy world.